Kevin Shaw, Right, let’s


Kevin Shaw,

Right, let’s all learn to be web programmers so we can post our videos online with marginal quality …

I respect your expertise as a videographer and would hire you when I need professional video. Why is it so difficult to hire a professional web developer to create your online media? You don’t have to program, hire the expert in the field that will get you there. From the videographer clients I have, every one of them is willing to trade off a bit of quality in exchange for having their media viewed hundreds of times.

… and then have that pirated to the entire world for free …

And that’s the point, isn’t it? If you’re so worried about piracy and people trying to steal from you your work won’t even be shown. More books are sold at Amazon because information is free online. Doesn’t mean people value information less, they value paper a bit less. Music is very respected, CDs are not. The methods of getting your creativity out there are changing. People are not starting their day out saying, what video can we pirate today. I can see that giving away valuable work using an interactive distribution method will bring in more clients who are aware of the video work. When you create high definition valuable work, absolutely charge your client. But at least be open to giving your media for free so you get more CLIENTS. The ones who can fund your equipment. The peers I know in their 30s, 20s, and teens don’t get excited about buying a disk. They get excited about talking about media online. Don’t chase that $3 – $20 disc you have to spend time burning. Chase that $2000 dollar potential client lead you got because 300 people saw your lower quality work online, and 10 of them decided they had to have this quality work for their own needs.

Yes, the speed of internet access is lower today in the United States. Yes, as a videographer you will never be satisfied unless video quality strictly meets your high standards. Currently the US is 13th or 14th worldwide when it comes to speed of internet access. European communities already are 10 times faster, so we have to start somewhere. I’m not arguing, Kevin Shaw’s points are absolutely correct, online video today does not take the place of optical disks. These supply 2 different needs. But at least be aware and open to options. Over the next 5 years online media distribution will absolutely evolve faster than optical media disk distribution in cost, ease, and immediacy. If you create such amazing work that people actually want it, then you’ll be hired to create more of it. Don’t hide your work inside an optical disk, be proud of it and give people access so they can watch it. Then sell to the people who pay you big dollars because they like what they see online. If they really really really like your work, they’ll buy your DVD or Bluray or HD/DVD. From your website. After they have watched the media. People do it all the time. DVDs of "The Office", "24". This is after they have already seen it. When they can see it anytime on free TV. All I’m saying is, there are new ways of creating and building up your business. At least be aware, at least be open, to the idea that new methods exist and videographers are not talking about or using them.


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