Kenzo, Though I wore a num



Though I wore a number of hats on “HOST”, I wasn’t the primary editor. I did do the ‘finishing’ stuff for it and found I like doing that more than I like editing. I did co-write, produced, and directed. Since I’m from a DP background I find it much easier to Direct and shoot. I’ve done a few projects where I just sat back like a traditional director and hated it. Not that I can’t work with other DP’s, but if I’m not behind the camera I don’t feel like I’m really working.

HOST got made in 2007. I was at NAB that year and shot my mouth off in one of the major gear manufacturer’s booths (you know, ‘hey you ought to lend me this for my next movie!) Well, they called me out on it and said okay. I called my writing partner 5 minutes later and said, “We’re shooting a movie this summer! So don’t be surprised when I get back!” At the time I was working strictly on corporate stuff and slowly branching off into narrative projects. I didn’t have anything ready to produce on such short notice so I told my writer to “drag out the darkest stuff he could think of and we’ll make a horror flick.” I had been wanting to make one (though I’m not fond of them) and we combined the two genres I hate the most ‘torture porn’ and ‘reality tv’ and made our twisted little game show.

You’re right though, once your project’s done let it go. It’s still nice to watch audiences watch HOST, but I’m so far off into other stuff I can’t look at it without cringing a little. What about you? How many hats did you wear making your film?

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