Ken; Thanks for your reply


Thanks for your reply. Actually, this is my first camcorder although I have used vhs and super 8 cameras. I followed the instructions on how to set the white balance. I set the Auto Lock release and then pressed the white balance button, pointed at a sheet of white paper and waited until the indicator stopped flashing and then pressed the white balance button again to save the setting. I still get a greenish tinge to the video. I even reset the camera to the factory setting. I called Sony for help and the operator said that this not normal and I should contact repair. Unfortunately, I bought the camera on EBay and there is no warranty. I want to determine if this is indicative of a defective camera or if it is something else. If it is defective I will go back to Ebay and demand to return the camera. I put a video on my website at the below link so you can see for yourself the green in the video. Any other suggestions? I have to determine quick if this camera is defective.

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