Kenjiffy, In your shoes I



In your shoes I would go with cheap ‘happy cams’ like the FLIP and similar rigs. You get two cams for under $300, and take the rest and buy that software ‘Cat mentioned and a PC workstation Desktop that has the minimum spec’s to push your video during editing. Then I’d scour VM’s free video tutorials on lighting and other topics so that I could make my video production values take advantage of what I had to work with. You’re also going to have to scrape up some extra cash for an audio recorder like a Zoom H2 or H4n because though the video can look very good, the audio on consumer cam’s are poor at best. Initially, I’d stick with the 720p format cameras because it’s HD, but a lot less hassle for a low-end computer to push than 1080p/i. Here’s some examples:

Cheap consumer HD cams

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The best lights for video production — 2020

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