Ken Wrote:They sometimes u


Ken Wrote:

They sometimes use arclights, but that’s an expensive proposition. My suggestion would be use normal lights, as many as you can find, to get the area illuminated. Then in post production, use your video editor to slightly desaturate the colors and add a subtle blue cast.

If you want a mixture of blue-tinted moonlight along with warm yellowish lights from practical lamps, use the daylight-balanced photoflood bulbs for the moonlight. Those "dayight-balanced" photofloods really have a color temperature of about 4800 Kelvin … not really daylight, which is about 5500 Kelvin. But they give a slightly blue tint when your white balance is set for indoor light (around 3200 Kelvin). You can get those photoflood bulbs in either 250 or 500 Watts at a camera store. The daylight-balanced bulbs will have an obvious blue color.

My 3 cents worth. πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

Thanks, Ken. Couldn’t I place a gel in front of the lights to cast a blue moonlight look?

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