Ken, sorry that I missed your


Ken, sorry that I missed your post 2 years ago. If the other’s answers have not fully addressed your current question, I offer the following. There are certainly many ways to convert old tape to digital. It boils down to how fanatical you are about results and how much your willing to spend. A friend of mine wanted a copy of an old VHS tape and I offered to digitize it. I used the method I suggested 2 years ago and hooked my VHS player up to my digital camera through the analog input connection using the 3 wire system, Yellow wire for video, red and white connections for audio. The digital copy came out about the same quality as the original, although its color on the original tape replay looked faded from the the years. I took the digital file and ran it through the sharpen, contrast and color corrector in an old Sony Movie Studio program I still use and it turned out better than the faded original. My friend was thrilled. If you need any further help, let us know.

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