ken burns is the documenta


ken burns is the documentarian who popularized zooming and panning around a photo to make it look like video. This is what you did with your photos. some people think this is cool. That’s pretty sweet that you used pictures from your cell phone! I’m into internet freeware and found a free internet video editing software that can edit video from cell phones. It’s called Avidemux and I’ll be writing a chapter about it in my videomaker blog soon (“Free Stuff: Making Your Dream Movie for Nothing”). What version of pinnacle did you use? I don’t like pinnacle AT ALL, but I’ve only used 11 Plus, I’ve heard the Ultimate versions are nice.

Pinnacle is all I know thus far anyway lol… it is Studio MediaSuite version 10.5 Titanium Edition $99.00 online, ugh! Let me know when you write your chapter for your blog, will keep reading after that.

When I used my cell phone I just took still picsnot video. I have never used my video part of my cell phone, tried itonce didn’tlike it. I made the video from just stills.

I am really jazzed that what I did in my video was similar to what someone famous does. It is just what I was seeing & feeling when making video. I will go back and try to see what you are telling me.

Thanks Chris, Barbara

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