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I’ll try to help or atleast give you my two cents (which is not worth much).

I Also have a VX2100. I am editing on a Dell desk top with a duo core processor and 2 gigs of ram. I have 2 dual layer / dual format DVD burners and I am using Vegas Movie Studio. I have had no issues other than Vista slowing things down briefly when it wants to do somethingcovert. Having said that there are many more options than this. There is the PC vs Mac debate and both have great merit. Macs seemed to be designed for graphic design and video. Macs are generally more expensive, but I am told they are worth the price difference. I only know PCs. It used to be that video editing on PCs required the fastest processors and the most ram you could cram into the case. Today, that is not so much the issue, but it still will help performance over a machine with less …engine. The toughest stress you can put on your computer is gaming. It has always been my phylosophy that if you get a computer that is touted as a gaming computer it can easily handle video.

If you want to go with Mac, you will probably end up buying from or an apple store, but I have seen some macs at the site now. The affordable editing system for Mac is Final Cut. There is a pro version that comes in a suite for $1300 and then there is a consumer version called express that is more or less $100. Even the consumer version is very good software.

If you want a PC, you can pick one up just about anywhere computers are sold. (make sure you get one with a firewire or IEEE 1394 port for your VX2100) I like buying from Dell, just becauseit’s easy for adding the custom components you want. HP, and Toshiba and others also offer this, but I have not used them. If you do order from Dell, be sure to do a google search for Dell coupon codes before check out. I copied and pasted a coupon code a few months ago and saved $500 instantly. That was pretty sweet.

As far as PC editing software, there are so many options I really don’t know where to start.I’ve used Pinacle for years and hated it. I have heard the newest version is much better, but I don’t know first hand. Vegas is a solid editor, Premere is also a favorate. Both of these offer the pro and consumer versions – consumer versions are about $100.

A good rule of thumb (for me – and I’m all thumbs) is to find the software first – read the system requirements on the box and then buy a computer that is atleast twice those requirements.

Good Luck – You are a good wife.

LOL – Trey

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