KBVP Wrote:The finished pr


KBVP Wrote:

The finished product usually doesn’t require *rendering. The transitions can be automatically done using the "Master" key. This will take just a minute or so, depending on the length of the storyboard.

*Applied Magic uses "Merge" instead of render. The difference is that the process is done on a custom chip set instead of the usual PC/MAC workflow.

I get a kick out of AP calling it merging…although it is "merging" the transitions…it does that by rendering those bits of video. My 45 minute show will not run…I don’t think the machine has enough RAM….so I’m rendering the whole show with the hope that it will run three big chunks of video instead of all the discrete clips. Twelve hours of rendering (oops…I mean merging the clips…) so far (i just burped on section three so I had to start it again. I hope the show will run in the morning so I can burn it. Got another project coming into the shop tomorrow and I gotta get this one done…..

BTW…went to the apple store this evening to look at FCP….

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