Katana, As a former Combat



As a former Combat Photographer, my suggestion is a POV style camera you can mount on your helmet or weapon like a VHolder, V.I.O. or a Sony HXR-MC1.

The VHolder is within your range of $300, but has limited mounting accessories. However, it is HD and like all the other cams mentioned uses flash recording media.The V.I.O. is just outside the $300 range, but was designed specifically for what you’re wanting to do as it has many inexpensive mounting accessories. Unfortunately, it is standard def but if you’re looking to do DVD or post to websites that will do just fine.

The Sony is way out of your intended budget, but with some creative use of zip ties could be mounted to your weapon as to be able to look at the included monitor while pointing it downrange. It too is HD so it all depends on what you plan on doing with the footage.

Be advised soldier: I’m sure you’ve been briefed about footage shot in the field. Make sure you clear it with your command before you post any footage online or submit it to any news agency. I’d hate to have to read about you pulling down a long stretch in Leavenworth because you were retarded enough to post potentially classified video on YouTube.

You can plug-in the keywords; helmet cam, and HXR-MC1 on the bhphotovideo.com to see the models I mentioned. And when you get to the ‘Rock Heap’, keep your head on a swivel and cover your ‘Six’.

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