Karl, I have a solution to



I have a solution to my problem with the 100% CPU crashes. The solution was on the AVID Knowledge Base, item 418915, titled “Green preview on H.264 Video in Avid Studio after updating Intel Graphics drivers”. Though I did not have a green preview on H.264 Video (essentially AVCHD) I did have an up to date Graphics card with current drivers. The two files they suggested to install in the Avid/ Program subdirectory were dated September 2011 rather than the April 2011 shown in the subdirectory (don’t hold me to specific dates as I am doing this from memory; the files were more current). The two files were H264Codec.ax and Media_SDK Wrapper.dll (dynamic link library). If you try the fix, which worked for me, I would recommend just renaming your two files to xxxold.ac and xxxold.dll. That way you can go back and reinstall them if the fix doesn’t work. At this point, I have been loading files for about 45 minutes and the highest CPU usage I have recorded is about 75%, most of the time it is substantually less. Since you also have an intel graphics cart, I would say give it a try. Good luck. Keep me posted.

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