JVC GZ-HD7 Pros 1 It’s 3 C




1 It’s 3 CCD

2 HD

3 With acam Light mounted on the shoeit looks like a mini pro cam, when clients ask about the size I tell them it’s not the size of the worm but how you wiggle it.

4 $700 It paided for it’s self the First month


No external Mic input, this is a biggie for working in the field. I still get good audio but only after a lot of post production work.

That’s about it other then the mic Issue it’s a great little starter cam.

I’m thinking about getting a JVC 110 next, not sure yet. I’m still making good money with the HD7 plus right now all my work is in my studio. When i start doing event’s and other field work i will need a better cam.

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