Justin, great topic. Video is


Justin, great topic. Video is like any other service business and basic business marketing techniques apply. There is an endless supply of business marketing ideas at the library and on the internet. The best ones are the ones that will work for you. Everybody has a different personality and different strengths & weaknesses. The best advice is play to your strengths. In your case, it sounds like your strength is in networking. Since you have identified the local entrepeneurial spirit as alive & well, that looks like an area to concentrate on. I had a similar situation and what I did to promote my services was put together a short video profiling local businesses, I was then able to offer that video to the local chamber of commerces, rotary clubs and other civic organizations. I offered it to the local papers and tv stations. I set up a small display at the library and at each of the businesses fetaured with a supply of small dvd mini discs. I carried around a supply of discs and handed them out whenever I met someone. As long as the quality of the video content is good ( and it should be because its a commercial for your business) people will watch it. Don't forget to aske them to pass it on once they've watched it. The whole idea is to get your name out there. After you've made the rounds, rinse & repeat. The idea is to get your name out there then supplement it with direct mail, flyers and any other basic marketing techniques that work for you.  I have had success because people remember my business more & easier when I do something unique. I am anxious to hear from some of the other readers.     

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