Just thought I would throw


Just thought I would throw in an update on my Premiere 1.5 stalling issue. I never could get it to work correctly or figure out which hardware was causing the crashes so I did the following:

1. My computer tech gave me a new hot swapable "C" drive that I have dedicated to just video editing. This eliminated many of the .dll interferences with multiple software programs and it now dedicates the drive to "only video!"

2. I bit the bullet on the Premiere program and upgraded to PP2.0- WOW, I really love the interface and feel that it is a much smoother way to edit video. The workflow is easier and the best news is…I don’t get the crashes any more!! I’m excited to edit without the fear of losing my efforts in editing the timeline.

3. Without any outside interruptions (i.e. Internet) the computer now works perfectly!

Thanks to all who contributed to my resolution of this very annoying issue! X-D

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