Just think about it: a gro


Just think about it: a group of 300 committed wedding video producers investing $15 a month x 12 months = $180 each x 300, would generate $54,000.

That would set up a central website linked to a branding awareness campaign that features development of a promotional DVD (yes, I have a concept that I believe would be awesome if brought to fruition); development of a postcard that could be used to send to not only organizers of bridal fairs and events nationwide, but to lists acquired from various bridal fairs attended by the membership; featured clips from each participating videographer in the coalition/organization/cooperative; and LINKS to/from each participant on the website, backlinking to their websites.

For starters, there should be enough left over to pick a national publication for running a monthly ad (small, granted, certainly not half- or full-page, and probably not in full color) but something that would advocate the group and wedding video production services as “all that and a bag of chips” other members of the wedding videographer community would benefit from it from the general branding & awareness, but the cooperative would benefit even more in that each member is listed, linked and connected via all marketing materials, promoting themselves individually AND the cooperative at bridal fairs and other events in which they participate, and be included in all marketing materials going out to those other wedding service providers, from bridal shops and tux rental shops, to jewelers, printers, florists, caterers, event planners, venues and more.

It is possible that such a cooperative could grow in membership with all dues going to maintenance of the promotional program, procurement of the necessary marketing materials and related costs, and a small stipend to whomever takes on the task of maintaining the books, the website, the links and development of promotional materials and content.

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