Just switched from PP CS4


Just switched from PP CS4 to FCS. I like Premiere and I have worked with it for ten years. When I switched to HD I began to have some problems. My son edited a feature-length movie in HD with PP CS4 on my MacBook Pro. I know you can do it. When I started with HD on my 24″ iMac 2.93 ghz it initially worked but this last project had me pulling my hair out. It kept locking up during encoding. I checked all of the hardware, it was fine so I reformatted the machine and reinstalled everything (sounds like a windows solution doesn’t it?). I bought FCS because of the ProRes codec and because it was cheaper that buying an i7 iMac. Ok, that’s the story of how I got here but now that I’m here, I can say I like FCS’m v. I’ve only been on this for a few hours and I can say that I’m very happy with my purchase. I have edited a two camera shoot of a 80 minute piece of theatre. It was much easier to sync the cameras in FCS. The whole process went much faster, even though the program was new to me. There are lots of little things that make your job easier. There are lots of thoughtful little additions throughout the suite. I think if you been with a software product for a very long time moving to a new platform makes you rethink the way you do things. Gerry in Calgary.

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