Just Starting


Well I'm starting a commercial production focused firm, I want to produce commercials here in syracuse but not local quality, I want to excel to national quality productions, I think this is a reasonable goal considering im only 20 and have lots of time to reach that goal.


I created this video for two purposes, 1 is my homepage on my soon to be finished webpage, where next to the video I will describe what I do, so I dont need space in the video to say it cause on the webpage it will be explained, and the video will demonstrate my talent


The second purpose was purely internet based advertising via facebook page, youtube ads, google ads and the like, in all these settings the "what i do" will be right below the video in the description, and a link to my website will be present, because of the internet marketing stratedgy im adopting, I will always be able to provide information about what I do along with the video, giving me more room to keep the video tight and focused on inspiring the audience to find out more about me.


I will do any motion graphics or design anyone wants, i will be doing productions in my local market, and i hope to get some stock template sales on revostock, videohive, and the like with my motion graphics talent


as for the dead space, I will probably close that space up this week when I go to smooth this video out a bit more.

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