“Just so you know, everyti


“Just so you know, everytime someone says “I’ll sue”, everyone else pretty much knows that the guy is full of it”

That’s not very business savvy. google “Apple” and “legal”, “lawyer”, or “court”.

The more valuable your products are the fiercely you have to protect.

A smart businessman will settle this matter out of court, but usually the infringer needs to know what a court case will cost him, before he’ll pay something reasonable.

In either case, the poster asked for advice, he will hopefully explore all options available to him, and make the desicion he feels is right.

The video store owes him something. It’s up to him to decide whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

Also the last two people that tried stealing from me are both out of business. I put them out.

One local photography store owner, started stealing my work and selling it… 2/3 of his customers left him, when word got out, (he told them, after I started proceedings) the other third left him when he tried smearing me. Bad mouthing people is bad for business, suing isn’t.

the other was a drug dealer that set up in our old neighbourhood, his junkie friends tried to break-in to my home….I set up a neighbourhood watch, and bought video cameras for nine houses, completely encircling them, with surveilence.

People in my town know better than to steal from me.

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