Just so everyone knows – C


Just so everyone knows – Canon uses the .MOD format as well, in it’s FS line of camcorders. I have been using two Canon FS100’s and several FS200’sfor a little under a year.

Iedit with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. AllI have to do is simply rename the .MOD files as.MPG and then import into PP CS3. It takes a small amount of time to conform the audio, but no file conversionis necessary. It’s a pretty slick workflow and I’ve never encountered any problems editing them this way.

When editing these files on a MAC with FCP, I’ve not found any way to get around converting them to DV. I use VisualHub for this purpose – it works fine, but takes a long time to convert. FCP will import .MOD files renamed as .MPG, but you will not have the audio, just video. Have’nt found a way around that yet for FCP. If anyone knows a way, please share!

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