Just remember, if you’ve a


Just remember, if you’ve already given them changes, you shouldn’t charge them for those. But you can let them know that for future revisions, you’re off the original agreement.

Also, and this is really a given, make sure your work is done when you give it to them. Don’t give them something that you think isn’t perfect and then make them pay extra to get it right. But if you’ve picked over the video and you think it’s flawless, then you canhonestly be done with it.

I like to be accomidating. I almost always throw freebies into wedding packages, and I’m more than happy to make changes when the couple is sincerely happy but they just want a small change. But some people will never be happy, and you can waste a lot of time and energy on them, and in the end they’re still going to tell their friends you’re not that hot. Those folks get my "in-n-out" special. I go in, film, edit, make it look nice, and then I’m outta there. I’ll take their money, but after that I take my distance from them.

Ah, ya gotta love human relations!

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