Just like computer geeks p


Just like computer geeks probably have 10 PC cases in a closet somewhere

Hey! I only have 6 PC’s and Macs in my closet! 😛 And I’m working on building up half my closet with computers and the other half with camera gear. 🙂

All joking aside, another idea is to post on your local craigslist. You can post a wanted ad and ask for any professional style cameras or VHS cameras that are broken (there are probably a lot of “Smiths” out there with the old family VHS in the closet they wouldn’t mind parting with for a few dollars. I do this all the time for fun stuff to play around with and have gotten some great stuff on there.

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The best stock media sites — 2019

If you’ve so far avoided using stock media in your projects because of the stigma it carries in certain filmmaking circles, you’re missing out.