Just becuase the disks say


Just becuase the disks say 4X, 8X or 16X doesn’t mean that you have to burn at that speed. That is just telling you the fastest burn speed that disk can burn at.

This is kind of crude but think of it like this. If you read a 5 page report and lets say you did it in 2 minutes, then another person reads the same report and does it in 12 minutes. Who would be able to recite all of the details back the easiest and with accuracy? Probably the one that read the report slower. It’s more reliable going slower. Sure they say we should be able to burn faster and you can but we are fighting too may variables.

Last one… This just happened to me about 6 months ago. I got a new DVD player for my new theater system. I was working on a DVD project and finally wanted to check it out on my new system. I put the disk in and the damn thing gave me the “Disk Error” treatment. I couldn’t believe it! My kid (who’s a hack) just for the heck of it told me to try a slower burn speed so I reburned the same project using the same software and disk type and wham! It worked! The only thing that I did different was went from 4X to 2X using Nero 6. Go figure! The only thing I can think of is that the laser burned better at a slower speed or something. Mind you that this happened in my case with the hardware and software I have. Everyone is different. That’s why I said you just have to come up with a realiable set-up based on your configurations and stay with it. I researched this until I was blue in the face. Everything I read said you will have better luck with disks playing on older players going with -Rs and don’t burn fast. As soon as the old stuff cycles through, this will hopefully change because I can’t stand burning at 2X. The other option is to tell everyone out there to buy new DVD players!


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