Just another update:Last


Just another update:

Last thursday (june 8th) we had our premiere screening at the Swansea Film Festival, good turn out – we had 2 walk outs due to the violence but for the most part people seemed to really enjoy it, had a big applause after the film ended and during the flick people were laughing and squirming in all the right places.

Then came the awards ceremony – I’m very glad to say that Footsteps wound up picking up the top prize of BEST FILM.

I have only vague recollections of what I said in my speech but I’ve been told it will appear online soon as they had a number of tv cameras there to capture the speeches and the event.

So yeah – first festival and we’ve won Best Film – im absolutely overcome by the response the flick is getting. Next step, hopefully, will be securing a distribution deal.

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