Just an observation, butit


Just an observation, butit might be easier to answer the questionif Don Walker defined what he means by “True HD”.

The definition of HD is any resolution of 700 lines or higher. So 720p, 1080i, and 1080p are all “True HD” HDV is also true HD. For example. The Canon XH-G1 records HD to HDV compression, LGOP(1440×1080, 4.2.0 color space)on miniDV tapes but can also output uncompressed 1920×1080, 4.2.2 color spacethrough the SDI connection. The camera is around $6,000. Panasonics HVX 200a also can record DVCPRO HD at 960x720p and 1280x1080i, both at 4.2.2 color space, Iframe compression to P2 cards. This camera is around $7,000. Both Camera’s are TRUE HD.

Igather thatthe issue is moreabout how the video is stored and what type of compression, if any, is used as opposed to the resolution.

By the way, if anyone doubts the quality of HD from these two cameras, just do a search on sites like exposureroom.com or vimeo.com.

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