Just a little story about


Just a little story about finding help locally.  A few years ago my daughter was getting married and of course I wanted to do the production, but I wanted to do nothing video on that day.  I wanted to edit after the event, but needed camera operators who could work with a minimum of supervision.  I put an ad in Craigslist and said I'd pay $150 each for 2 camera operators.  I was flabbergasted!! Within 24 hrs I had over 40 responses and they were all wayyyy overqualified.  Almost all had experience on major TV or movie productions, one worked on Seinfeld.  It seems people in this business work a gig, then it ends, and they're out of work.  But it's "in their blood."  They prefer to work for $$, but just want to be in the loop to be doing something in the business.  They offer advice, help if the time is available.  Look at what you've received here and what it cost.  Seek out local help.  I ended up paying $175 ea (they had not asked for more) and felt embarrassed they were so qualified.  And they did great, much better than I would have done alone.  The shots were all well exposed, in focus, and many artistic.  Seek and ye shall find.  Not during the shooting, but during the editing you'll find out very fast if this is "in your blood."  People are so used to seeing high quality work on TV and in movies, that this becomes the standard by which all video is judged.  It is extraordinarily difficult to put together a well-crafted, stable, entertaining piece that holds interest.  Today's low priced cameras and equipment can meet image expectations, but the real quality is within you.  You'll find out fast if it's in your blood.  again – good luck.

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