Just a few things which oc


Just a few things which occurred to me after I signed-off last time. My Sennheiser mic.doesn’t show a model number, so I am unable to give it. However, it was the usual accessory mic. for use with a range of camcorders and I purchased mine with the black ‘hairy-sausage’ wind-shield option, usually known as a ‘sock’, I believe. It has a single 3.5mm standard mini-jack-plug and requires a 1.5v battery for ‘excitation’. All bog-standard.

Until eighteen months ago I belonged to a club, which I have since quit due to ‘philosophical differences’, (or more-to-the-point, as a member, I was continually being side-tracked away from my own major-opus). That, plus the fact that the club was high on ‘talk’ and pretty weak on ‘action’. The club, by the way was established in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1936, which makes it the oldest in the southern hemisphere. That makes it the same age as I am, 1936, having been, apparently, a ‘vintage-year’, (Just kidding). In an earlier time, I was its president for two years. In those days, it was entirely film, of course, although I began filming in widescreen, using anamorphics inthe early 1970’s, and have been doing so ever since. Unfortunately, at club (and other) levels, audio tends to be the ‘poor-relation’ and has to invariably take a back-seat to the screen images. You wouldn’t have to sit through many of the ‘competition’ films/videos, that I have done, to realise that whereby some pretty ‘bum’ footage can pass-muster, at times, poor sound invariably produces that ‘finger-nails-on-the-blackboard’ syndrome. Way back, I built quite a bit of audio gear, including a high-fidelity reel-to-reel stereo tape-recorder which worked briliantly, despite the fact that it used the dreaded ‘BSR’deck, because, that was all that was available in NZand there were no second-hand ‘Ferrographs’ or similar, around with good mechanics.

‘Our’ club had accumulated some quite distinguished ex-members, (almost as numerous as members, actually), and there is a lot of latent talent available, For example, a friend (expelled from the club about eighteen months ago, on the whim of a member of the committee, who had a ‘snitcher’ on-him), has built, and is still improving, a telecine machinewhich, by their own admission, is better than the one at the ‘Film Archive’, in our capital, Wellington. It uses a standard projector, shorn of just about everything which would ‘unbolt’, shutter, lamp, lens, you-name it. Instead, it uses a pulsed LED as a light source and the video-camera, using a 35mm camera lens, photographs the film in-the-gate,directly, at a huge magnification. When not earning-its-keep this machine is under constant and on-going development.

I don’t know if any of you people use ‘Kontakt 4’ as an aid to music-making. I have found mine to have many other purposes, and one of the most useful is making sound-loops for video ‘effects’ use. It is usually possible to achieve very good ‘matches’ for the ends of loops in ‘Kontakt’. That consists, essentially, of finding two points where the signal amplitude is similar, permitting a seamless match to be made. Mis-matches, of course, lead to an effect similar to listening to a four-cylinderautomobile engine with an engine ‘knock’ (or a big-end ‘gone’, which is one thing which may cause it). It is very easy, in ‘Reaper’, (for which I have a non-commercial user’s licence), to vary timing of music and ‘effects’ segments. I would heartily recommend ‘Reaper’ over most other DAW’s because of its simplicity of action and the ‘intuitive’ nature of its layout. I have two other DAW’s. One is fine, but its strengths are all directed towards ‘mp3’ as an end-product.The other one would surely require a science-degree to get any worthwhile use out of. However, for all purposes, I use my own kit of carefully chosen VST ‘filters’, which, as you probably know, are accomodated in almost video/audio editor these days. My favourites, have been, for many years,the Kjaerhus ‘Classic Series’, available as free downloads from ‘kjaerhusaudio’ in Denmark. However, ‘Reaper’ comes with an impressive kit of bits,in its own right.

Of course, if you are of a masochistic bent, you may write your own, by means of script files, and probably wind-up writing script-files for a hobby, but doing no video………..Your choice.

Must go, my beer glass is empty.

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