Just a few things to think


Just a few things to think about. I wouldn’t judge any microphone solely by what you hear on youtube or any other site for that matter unless it was done in a controlled environment by an experienced sound professional. For all we know the person shooting didn’t know what they were doing. And I would say that tapping the board is a good idea, but far from ideal. The sound tech will be mixing the sound for the room, not the output on the board. So what you get may or may not be usable. I did a show last weekend and the only thing running through the board were the vocals and acoustic guitars. There were no mics on the drums and all of the electric guitars had their own amps and speakers. The board is good to tap in case, but never count on it for your only source. I can use the board tap to mix with what I got from my own microphones so it will be useful. But if I had relied on the board only I would have garbage.On your budget your best bet might be to use the H2 or another recorder with built in stereo microphones and keep it near the mixing board. I believe that is the sweet spot since that is the point of reference for the board operator. Other spots in the club might be hit or miss. The last I looked the H2 was going for $299. You may find one used for close to $200. I understand restricted budgets but just be realistic on the quality of sound you expect to capture based on a $200 budget. Good luck!


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