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compusolver has a valid point in regards to the on stage lighting. Question When you tried setting your cameras against a target on stage, were they right next to each other (side by side)?

I use the same exact cameras and I have found that you can balance them a lot closer if you set them next to one another and shoot a whiteboard under the projected lighting conditions and manually set the balance that way. This way you are shooting under the same exact circumstances. If you have one camera on one side of the stage and the other on the other side and you try to shoot even the same card, the lighting conditions or angles will not be the same thus affecting the color look from each camera. It doesnt take much of a difference to affect the colors. Also keep in mind that you have to make sure that all of the other settings are set identical between both cameras too.

I’m sure you know this but just in case you don’t, some of the GL2’s settings will revert back to their defaults when the camera is powered down. Make sure you use the stand-by feature so that your settings are preserved.

Honestly however, Im thinking more like compusolver in that there might be different temp lighting involved on stage. Take it from me when I say that this can play havoc with color on video. I just finished a wedding with huge windows on the sides of this church along with very weak incandescent lighting from up top. What a pain to try and fix in post! The bride had a very white dress in the middle of the church but as I followed her to place some flowers at the statue of Mary (which was closer to a window) her dress started to turn bluish right before my eyes. If the stage is using a certain temp light and then lets say some florescent lighting was added in the mix for whatever reason, youll pretty much have two chances of keeping both cameras looking the same. SLIM & NONE! :'( If this is the case then all you can really do is to try and find a happy median between the two because it is pretty much impossible to prevent this situation from happening with digital video cameras.


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