jumpymonkey9 Wrote:I’m try


jumpymonkey9 Wrote:

I’m trying to understand the differences between all these things. From what I understand, 60i means 60 interlaced frames per second. Now, does 30p and 24p mean 30 and 24 progressive frames per second? If that’s the case on those, then what’s up with 720p and 1080i? I think it has to do with resolution. Would that mean that a camera with all these specs could film 24fps at 720 lines or at 1080 lines, or both? It’s just all a bit confusing.

I’m not sure if you were looking for a quick answer or if you are looking to understand this completly but the link below will take you to a very nice informational page that will explaing anything and everything about video and resolutions. Just click around the different links. You’ll be able to teach a class when you’re done.



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