JR and Earl, thank you bot


JR and Earl, thank you both for the information about DVD duplication. I haven’t the need for medium to large quantities of duplicates, at least not yet, so I am still using the built in computer burner. I am looking to add a blu ray burner (internal or external,and could use some suggestions there). I found the info on burner and blank disc brands helpful. I was wondering if you could recommend sources for the blanks. Thank you for enlightening us on the options available for copy protection.

I think that we are bordering the line ofsemi-hijacked the original intent of the thread (online duplication services) although I see the natural progression. Perhaps this should split to another thread. Hopefully others will chime in on the original question, I don’t have any experience using these services but I have received advertisements from Discmakers (that Earl mentioned) who provide extensive duplication services as well as duplicators.

I am always amazed at the sharing spirit that I find on these forums.

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