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Yes, I’ve used Premiere for a bit at an internship when I was in college and had no problem with it, but if stating facts about FCP and pointing people in it’s direction due to my personal success with it makes me a fanboy, then so be it. The original poster of this thread simply wanted to know the difference between the Adobe suite and the FCS suite. All I did was feed him facts.

The fact that you think Adobe is better than FCP because you’d rather have AE and PS over Color is absurd. All three of those programs accomplish different tasks and are of no comparison. So really, your statement has more to do with YOUR needs, rather than trying to point people in the right direction for THEIR needs.

Same thing with your Mercury > ProRes statement. They’re two completely different things. While ProRes is used for streamlining post to reduce rendering, that isn’t it’s main purpose like the MPE. ProRes was developed to maintain the most quality without eating up bandwidth. MPE, as far as I know, only allows you to play back anything…doesn’t really have anything to do with the quality of your image throughout your workflow. Not to mention, all my posts about ProRes were either before the MPE was available or right around the time it was released and no one really know how it’d work in the real world.

Seeing as you label yourself as a professional, I’d expect you to understand how to appropriately compare products and that at the end of the day, it’s about choosing the right tool for the job. Lose the attitude…

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