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You don’t need a video capable DSLR to take timelapse video. In fact, I’ve found doing TML videos with a still camera is far superior to ones done with a video camera. Whatever model DSLR you get, a prosumer or better grade camera body and lenses with good glass and larger apertures (3.5 or better) will be of considerable assistance in getting good imagery.

Many of the prosumer/pro models have built-in Intervalometers, but I find having an inexpensive external one comes in handy for other reasons. I agree with Rob and will add that unless you really need the capability to shoot video with a still rig, to pass on it and get a dedicated video camera. Unless you have a background in photography, the learning curve and accessories needed to take advantage of DSLR video is steep and expensive.

Here’s a link to one of my posts that deal with shooting TML’s with a digital still camera.


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