Joshua, you didn’t m


 Joshua, you didn’t mention if you are going to the rehearsal. If this fits into your schedule, I would strongly suggest going. While there introduce yourself as the videographer to the minister. At this point respectfully ask him/her where locations are allowed to used for you to operate your videocamera. You might even get some good suggestions for locations. Let it be known that you want to set up static cams and where would be an acceptable location for them, and that you won’t be running back and forth to them in front of the audience during the ceremony (you will start shooting before the processionals and retreive them after the end of the service). A few times I have been allowed to set up a static shot in a doorway leading to the sanctuary area which gave a great view to the happy couple who were facing away from the audience for part of the ceremony. I kept the tripod/cam far enough back in the doorway that it really wasn’t seen from the audience. If you attend the rehearsal and bring one tripod and cam, you can move it around and see the perspective that it will have from various postions and you should get a good idea where the wedding party plus B&G should be during the actual ceremony. You might be able to catch some b-roll for editing the cermony or for a highlight video. Get there as early as possible it will probably only last 30-45 minutes. Good luck be prepared to adapt on the fly. Keep shooting.

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