Joseph, Thanks! for your i



Thanks! for your info – That’s more along the lines of what I’m trying to figure out. And by the way, I want to stay with a Laptop – I need to be able to take my work with me.

My current set up (even if it has a crappy motor) is doing “OK” by MY standards. It renders fine for me: A 5 minute long video takes 10 minutes to render. Even if it took 10 hours, I’d be fine with that, because render time can be while I’m sleeping. I only make a couple videos a month.

Like yourself, my main problem is in the Timeline – Response is slow or delayed. Lots of “Hang Ups”. If I could get my work in the time line to run more smoothly, or faster (Less delays and hang ups), I’d be very happy – But I’m not really sure how to accomplish that goal. DO I need a faster processor? More RAM? A Bigger Drive?

It sounds like you have the sameamountof RAM as I do (4GB), and you may have a faster processor too. You mentioned about possibly upgrading the RAM – I can upgrade my current laptop to 8GB for about $100. Couldthis be a solution for me?

So in a nutshell, I’m fine with my render speed. I’m fine with how the video looks to me, on my screen. I have plenty of space to store the video. I just wish my work in the time line was faster with less hang ups – Will a RAM upgrade help to remedy that, or should I keep shopping?

Thanks again for your input

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