Jonathan Decker Wrote:Auto


Jonathan Decker Wrote:

Autofocus does have its place, but if you want to be able to control the mind of your viewer ( }:-) ) you’re going to want to use manual. I assume you use manual iris and exposure already. The focus of the camera is the focus of the audience’s eye. With that in mind, do you want to risk the audience getting distracted by an overweight monster who just lumbered past the camera, or maintain focus on the actor/speaker while an out of focus and indescribable blur shifts past. I’d rather go with the non-distraction that comes with the use of manual, than gamble my footage on a laziness caused by dependancy on auto.


I sometimes use the old trick of having auto focus find the sharp focus, then switching to manual focus. I use auto focus exclusively when I’m “running and gunning” though.

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