John, What Rob said. Depen



What Rob said. Depending on what editing software you’re using will determine how well you can remove or at least tone down that hum. Vegas (PC) has very good noise reduction plug-ins built-in. Premiere (PC/Mac) has some audio plug-ins but they aren’t good as the one’s in Soundbooth or Audition. Media Composer (PC/Mac) has a good noise reduction plug-in and from what I understand FCP (Mac) has some useful audio plug-ins as well.

If you are not using any of the previous then I suggest; Sound Forge (PC) for a stand-alone audio editor. You can get a stripped down version for consumers much cheaper with a less steep learning curve with their ‘Studio’ line if you don’t want to go full on. You’ll have to ask the Mac gurus around here for suitable stand alone audio software suitable for mac.

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