John, Thanks for the help!



Thanks for the help! I did finally figure out that the text needs to be above the video track. It’s now working as I expected. I’m also playing with a text crawl across the bottom instead of scrolling credits and although I’m getting close, I’m having trouble controlling the speed and timing. I think a big problem is vocabulary. I found instructions in the help index on how to manipulate the crawl, but it assumes some degree of previous knowledge. For instance, “Drag your text block to the right edge of the frame in the workspace” is plain enough English, but which edge of the text block goes on the edge of the frame? I’m stumbling through and will eventually get it, but more thorough or fully explained steps would really help out a rank beginner like myself.

I guess intuition is a very subjective attribute because I’m still struggling. Perhaps my assessment will change after a bit more experience. But then I won’t be drawing on intuition alone, will I? πŸ™‚ And I’m headed over to right now.

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