Johnny, Thanks for the nod



Thanks for the nod, but I’ve slogged through so many WHYISTHIS&**&^!!NOTWORKING! sessions and each time found the problem was 99% operator error. Now things have to be on fire and there must be copious amounts of damaged body parts before I start freaking out.

As for AFX, if you’ve got it dude start working with it. I’ve had a copy since 4.0 and I really didn’t start to understand it until 5.5. Now that I work with CS3 it is soooo much easier than way back when. Once you start getting a feel for it everything else (except for NUKE) seems like a kid’s toy. Don’t mistake that there are some hideously complex things you can do with it, but with all the really good free tutorials and AFX bibles available you can throw down in no time.

All the NLE software I use has some keying capabilities but I just go straight to AFX. Now Ultra isn’t bad if you’re doing some quick and dirty stuff but it’s redundant if you have AFX. Spill suppression should be a help to you. Be advised, if your version is like AFX or Ultra you’ll get a color change in the ‘fuzz’ so you’ll have to keep it subtle.

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