@John YES, YES, YES…I th


@John YES, YES, YES…I think there use to be some somewhere on this site to download. But a waver YES. Why? Say in 20 years you are the director….no DP of my movie, that sound better. Anyway you are making millions, and the people you used in this video feel it was because of them you are rich, well guess where your next appearance will be?

OK more realistic, if you sale this for money or make money off it or it leads to other resources then your friends can stake a claim. Also if filming in public you need to make the public aware that their image may be captured and to approach you to ask to be blurred. Two ways I have used.

1) A simple sign “Notice to public, Filming in progress”
2) I have a name badge that is clearly visible to all

But listen it will protect you, and keep the copy for LIFE, pass it to you kids kids. Give your actors a copy as well.

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