joeshmo54321 Wrote:hi i ju


joeshmo54321 Wrote:

hi i just got the new adobe premiere pro 1.5 and i had a little queation. When i was editing one of my projects when i first got it i was able to move my audio volume around by moviding the line on the aduio clip either up or down. Now when I import an audio file, I try to fade the end of the clip out and I seem to be having trouble. Does anyone know how I can fix that?

I’m going to assume that you’re talking about the rubber band line (slang term) on the actual audio clip on the timeline. If you’re going to adjust your audio that way and you want to create a fade out at the end, all you need is to do is add 2 key frames at the end of your audio clip. One about 3 to 5 seconds before the very end of your audio and the other one at the end of your audio clip (or close to it.) The first key frame will still represent the volume of the audio prior to it (up to that point) and the second key frame (last one) will represent the volume you now want to change to. Now take the mouse arrow and click and hold on that second (last) key frame and drag it down all the way as far as it goes. You will notice that the rubber band line now angles down to that key frame. That rubber band line is a visual representation of your volume level. Using key frames in this manor will always create adjustments in a linear manor between each subsequent key frame. Think of them like a roller coaster.

Because you didn’t have any key frames on the audio clip in your first example, by moving that rubber band line up or down, you are in essence just adjusting the volume of the whole clip.

Hope that helps!


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