joebel, we could probably


joebel, we could probably be very helpful to you if you could give us more information. How many people are on the council, howbig is the table or desk arrangementwhere they sit, is the podium placed in the center of the council table or separated from it, how large is the audience or audience area, is the podium in the audience area for the publicand what the usual length of meetings? In your description you mentioned 3 microphones, mixer and camcorder. With necessary length cables for drop down microphones cables, power supply, camcorderetc. This could add up very quickly. Just some thoughts: small size council/table/podiumone boundary microphone might do the trick. Perhaps a portable recorder like H2 Zoom strategically placedmight pickup council/podium from built-in front mics and built-in back mics could pickup audience. Does the council chambers have pa system and could you plug into that feed? Lots of possible solutions with more information. Like XTR-91 said how much to spend?

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