Joe, I recently purchased


Joe, I recently purchased VMS Hd Platinum suite 11, I got it for a very good price from Sony because I am ungrading from VMS Plat 9. I just finished viewing the Jump Start Tutorials DVD. It is basically a guide to start you using VMS and DVD architect softwares. For me it was a refresher of the things that I had been using in VMS 9. I did find a number of things that were new to me because I hadn’t used them in 9 and somethings that are new to 11. If you are new to video editing or new to the Vegas interface, it is very informative and will get you going in the right direction. The DVD is broken into 11 chapters that run any where from about 5 minutes to 10 minutes each. The chapters are Intro, Getting started,Look at the interface, Selecting project properties, Importing project media, Basic editing technique, Creating text and titiles, Filters and effects, Steroscopic 3D editing, Delivering the video, Conclusion. Some of the things discussed are above the beginning level but are well explained and easy to follow (blue/green screen, other filters). The interactive tutorials are imbedded in the software and can help you proceed while you are actually working on a project. The quick start DVD gives you a study of how to do things before you actually start a project. One thing I must suggest to you is also suggested on the beginning of the DVD is to upload the most recent upgrade to your software. I didn’t do this and spent hours trying to make my first Blu-ray disc until I googledthe error code that I was receiving and found a solution (see my other post about error code in VMS 11, from a few days ago). I was very happy using VMS 9 but needed to move to VMS 11 because I wanted to burn Blu-ray discs with menus. In the short time that I have been using VMS 11 I am very satisfied (except for error code and I should have updated before starting). The Sony creative software web site offers free upgrades for their stuff free and on the site you can compare all thefeatures of each of theproducts. I hope that this info helps and you find the Sony software as satisifying as I have. keep shooting.

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