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Blu-ray is winning the HD disc format war

Do you have reliable statistics?

Yes, the most important statistic is that Blu-ray movie discs have been outselling HD-DVD by a ratio of ~2:1 since the beginning of this year, and those figures are available somewhere on a movie-by-movie basis with similar results. As you may have heard, Blockbuster did a test of Blu-ray versus HD-DVD rentals in several dozen stores and decided to go with Blu-ray nationwide, so that was a pretty big indicator. We can also see that most major movie studios are backing Blu-ray to some extent with only two going exclusively HD-DVD for now, and the latter was the result of a $150 million incentive payment from the HD-DVD consortium which expires in 18 months. When I went into my local Target store recently they had both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs for sale, with Blu-ray offering twice as many titles and occupying twice as much shelf space. And to cap this all off note that you still can’t buy an HD-DVD burner except as an option on some new computers, but Blu-ray burners and discs are widely available. If you want to make a proper HD disc today your only realistic option is Blu-ray, unless you want to try putting an HD-DVD project on an old red-laser disc — which means that independent producers are starting to line up to go Blu-ray.

As far as I can see the HD-DVD format is losing ground in a hurry, and the only thing going for it is a cheaper price for entry-level players. But paying $250 for a bare-bones player for a dying format isn’t really a better deal than paying $500 for a Sony Playstation 3 and getting a complete multimedia center and game machine in the process. The PS3 is what tipped the format war in Blu-ray’s favor, and unless something changes soon the war will likely end quietly with HD-DVD being relegated to data storage on personal computers.

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