Jockey Wrote: HV20 (~$1000


Jockey Wrote:

HV20 (~$1000) + 35mm adapter (~1000) + matte box, follow focus, rails, etc. (~500) + lights + dolly + mics == ~$3000

Michael, Canon Elura User Pages

That would be an awesome setup. The HV20 looks amazing with a 35mm adapter. With a follow focus… πŸ˜€ that would be a dream.

The Gl2 is a great camera with more manual controls than the HV20. I haven’t used the HV20, but the GL2 is a great camera with pretty good picture quality, a nice 20x zoom lens, manual aperture, shutter speed, focus, white balance, audio controls, and a few other features.
The HV20, (i think) is limited to manual shutter speed, and no manual control over the aperture or audio.

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