jla930 Wrote:I think I see


jla930 Wrote:

I think I see a valuable lesson here:

If you’re interested in editing your own video, stay away from the camcorders that record directly to DVD. Stick with those that record to tape, i.e. mini DV.

Now, that having been said, I believe the latest version (9.4.2) of Pinnacle Studio will import from DVD for subsequent video editing. But don’t quote me. Perhaps an avid Pinnacle Studio user can verify.

However, you’ve already chosen your editing software to be Adobe Premiere. So the suggestions above from svhs sound like they’ll be your best bet.

Correct me if I am wrong, but MiniDV camcorders require additional hardware to transfer the video from tape to PC. With mini DVD I just need to connect the camera via USB port. I need a software to rip the video from the mini dvd to my HD. Which one is more advantageous?

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