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Yes, your not the first person to point that out. I don't completely care about grammar on this forum, there are other forums where I use proper grammar. Simply put I have yet to see a profile of a member where there website showed they where talented, Vooduex so far has the best productions on his website that I have seen. I don't think any of you will be looking to hire me out for motion graphics, even though since I'm just starting my rates will be low, and my products good. Many of you don't use motion graphics or animations so why would you hire me to do so. I don't really see a customer base on this forum, if it arises I will streamline my communication with professionalism.



Personally, you seem to have a bad attitude. Saying that you dont care about your grammer on this forum makes you sound like everyone here is not important enough for you. A word of advice….. be professional everywhere. It doesnt matter where. Any search of you on the net will bring it back to this forum. If clients see you acting like this, then they will not want to deal with you.


The same theory goes for telephone interviews, or employees who give telephone support. Many employers insist that you wear a shirt and tie when giving PHONE support, even though no one will ever see you. The reasoning is that you will act more professional if you are dressed like one. You should be professional everywhere. Even here.  Your posts are on the internet and will be forever. Acting condescending will help clients make a decision NOT to use your services. You need to humble yourself a bit. There are thousands of editors that can do what you do. The successful ones will be the ones that listen more than the ones who are trying to dazzle people with motion graphics. That stuff only works on the young, mindless, Ipod generation who have no attention span (and no money to buy their product). You sound like the new guitarist that uses tons of effects than sound cool, but no professional would ever think of using because of their cheesiness. Good luck.

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