Jim, Your advice and inpu



Your advice and input is greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,


On a Roll Wrote:

Wow, that is a once in a lifetime trip!

The farthest overseas my gear has gone was Nicaragua, though my wife took some of our backup consumer gear with her on a trip to Cambodia. In both cases, the very best advice I have is to take good care of your gear. Where I was shooting in Nicaragua, you could have a dust storm one minute, and 5 minutes later be in the middle of a downpour. You really have to be ready for weather changes that you’re not used to.

Batteries are another concern. Make sure you have plenty of them. Nothing would suck more than being in the middle of a scene with no power for miles around, and your last battery dies on you. You’ll also want to buy a power adapter to convert the local power wherever you’ll be residing to the US standard 115V your chargers were designed for.

Pretty much, I would imagine that you’re going to want to prepare for anything, and assume that everything that can go wrong, will.

But I’m not exactly a world traveling expert here. There is a lot better advice than mine on these boards, I’m sure.

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