jimcvideo beat me to it. O


jimcvideo beat me to it. Observing an event alters the event.

Watched “Cake Boss” on TLC earlier tonight (really good show, actually) and a bride came in to the bakery. She wasn’t satisfied with her cake, so when the Chef was in a different room, she grabbed bags of icing and started mutilating the cake. The cameras rolled the whole time. I was in shock. Seriously? Does this kind of thing actually happen? This is a $1000 cake. The Chef was mad, but I can’t help but think in his place I would have thrown the cake at her face. Really though, would she have done this had there not been cameras present? Was this encouraged for the sake of entertainment? It makes for more exciting TV, surely, but I think is a bit outside the normal boundaries of acceptable behavior… The presence of cameras changes everything. I don’t believe there is any true objectivity when egos and video mix.

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