Jimbo to late you already


Jimbo to late you already started it! X-D

A while back there was this person that posted on this forum that was very opinionated regarding editing within a camera versus using outside editors. He was more or less bashing all of us out here. The entire thread started to get ugly to the point that the mods pulled it and they ended up banning this person from this forum. Its a long story and Im not going to re-live it.

While Im not real sure why you posted this link, it was an interesting article. What it comes down to is this. For me personally I dont have the time (let alone the patience) to create an edited video within a camera anymore. A while back when these cameras first came out that was about the only way normal folks could do any editing at all. In this fast paced technological world things are changing all the time. In most cases its designed to make life a lot easier than the day before. So for me my motto is, Why not take advantage of it?

Back in the old days, people had to go out and shoot an animal to get the hide or even spin up some wool to make their own clothes.

Then big companies started and you could take your horse and buggy into the local store and buy the stuff already made.

Along comes these mega stores and major shopping centers and now all you have to do is drive your car there and you can shop for just about anything and everything at one centralized location.

Now were at the point that we can just sit behind a PC in our underwear 😯 and order the stuff on-line and have it delivered to your door step the next-day if you want.

The point Im making is that people will always take advantage of technology as it comes. Editing video through high end NLEs falls into that same category. Why fool around with in-camera editing when you can do so much more and do it so much faster with NLE systems.

I believe that you mentioned somewhere that you were 62 so you have seen a lot of change. The million dollar question is how long will this change keep going? You got to admit that when you sit back in your favorite chair and think about it that its pretty amazing how far we have come. I know I do.

BUT…. you know what? I dont think that I could edit a video within a camera anymore. You know whats even scarier? I dont think I could make my own clothes either. Unfortunately, thats the downside of technology. Times have changed and its up to the individual as to whether they want to take advantage of it or just stay where they are. In my book, theres really nothing wrong going either way. πŸ˜‰


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