Jim thanks so so much.


Jim thanks so so much.

If I could get help on just a few more things I think I will feel more than comfortable with making a purchase. The thing i don’t like about the Canon is that its optical sensor is 1/4 . I was really hoping to get at least 1/3. The thing i don’t like about the Sony is that is doesnt have a built in XLR and I think i would like to stay with the 1080 and I think i like the smooth look versus the real real crisp look. I often question if the 24 scan is really that important for what i want to do with the cooking instructionals. Any opinion on the above.

All in all if i was granted two more questions I’d like to ask "Does the performance of the vx 2100 heavily outweigh the vx 2000. Is it worth the extra $1000.00 especially if i have an xlr, and the lighting system set up in and around the kitchen?

And is it true that one camera could be easier to manage during the post productions/edit than another? If so, which of the VX is more user-friendly to edit.

Thanks your insight has really helped me understand and I think help with this post will help me understand the whole pic enough to make a purchase. I have gone window shopping, handled a few cameras, researched at least 30 hours and your help is helping more than any of the above expressed.

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